• Charlotte ThaiThai

Easy Peasy Cold Brew Recipe

Updated: Jun 8

Summer is right around the corner and the iced-drink becoming popular. If you are the coffee drinker, this cold-brew is the upgraded for you.

Make: 2 cups

Time: 12 hours

*You can always increase the ingredients to make more quantity. *


1/2 cup of your favorite coffee ground (In this recipe, I use my favorite local coffee)

3 cup of room temperature water (Filtered water)


  1. Add ground coffee in a jar.

  2. Add the water and stir.

  3. Refrigerate the coffee overnight (12 - 24 hours) The longer your left in the fridge, the stronger the coffee will taste.

  4. After 12 hours, strain the coffee by using the coffee filter or even cheesecloth.

I love to enjoy cold-brew coffee with Oatly creamer and sweeten it with maple syrup.


Cold-brew is properly one of my current favorite coffee. You are properly wondering, whats is the difference between ice coffee and cold-brew. Ice coffee is when you take hot brew coffee and chilled it. On the other hand, cold brew coffee is when you process the coffee by using cold water and let it sit for a long period. I find a cold-brew tasted more smooth and no upset on my stomach due to less acidity in the cold brew.

Recipe Video:

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