• Charlotte ThaiThai

Fresh start to Healthy Eating Journey

Updated: Apr 16

We all can agree that most of us want to start a healthy eating journey and want to live a healthier lifestyle. But the main struggle is that, we don't really know where to start our journey.

Four easy steps to kick start your healthy eating Journey:

Nutrition can be such a complicated topic for some of us. Sometime it hard to figure out what sources to trust and who to trust.

1) Lists down you goal and reasons:

Give yourself the time to sit down and write down your goals and reason. This could be from wanting to have more energy to wanting to have more. Be specific with your goal and remember that eating healthy isn't always about diet or how many pound you lose. The more detail it is with your goal, the more you are able to visualize your goal.

2) Out of sight, Out of mind:

Its no surprise that we tend to eat and interact with the thing we see in front of us. If you happen to have junk food lay around your house, you are likely to reach for those items. This is also the same if you would lay around some fruit and healthy snack around your house, you will likely reach for those item instead.


Make a shopping list: Shop more fruit and veggies. Avoid the junk aisle if possible. Do you remember the time when you went for a grocery shopping for something and you came out with other things or many more things that you thought you would need. Make the list so you don't wander around in the market and buying things as you see.

Clear the storage and fridge space: To add new things into our space, we must make room for new items. This could mean, donate some items that no longer serve your new propose. Like those brownies mix that hidden in the corner of your pantry, its time to let it go. Or replace the refined pasta with the whole grain pasta.

3) Make your own food:

Making your own food not just saving you money but also can be a healthier option for you. You have the ability to control the portion and also seasoning.


Mortified your favorite recipe: The good news is that, you don't have to stop eating your favorite food. Figure out what is it you want to eat and mortified the recipe to healthier and control the taste according to your like.

For example, if you are making your favorite food such as pizza. Replace some ingredients by using whole wheat flour to make the dough and also add more veggies as the topping. Giving yourself the flexibility to enjoy your favorite comfort food to make your healthy journey much easier.

4) Create the Balance:

This is the topic that deserves its own but the reason to be flexible with your food option is that you want to create a healthy relationship with food. Yes, eating greens and fruit is good for our body but if you are craving for a donut once in a while, low calories, gluten-free, oil-free donut doesn't sound that appetizing. Allow yourself to enjoy some snacks or enjoy that donut with your friends. I believed that nurturing our souls is also important as nurturing our bodies.


Allow yourself to enjoy the snack and not feeling the shame: The moment you are telling yourself that you can enjoy that donut, you gave yourself a sense of relief and actually enjoy your food. But if you are telling yourself no, I can't have that, it has too much sugar, fat, and calories or my healthy journey will be ruined if I have that donut. You gave yourself a sense of fear and guilt. Instead of having enjoyment from your favorite snack, you feeling the sense of self-blaming and the shame.

Remember that having a healthy lifestyle isn't always about going on a diet or lose a couple pounds, its about creating the balance of nurturing your body and also your soul.

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