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Key of Loving Yourself

Updated: Jan 13

Let's start by saying that no one is perfect, not you and not me. If you are striving for perfection, then you will be looking for emptiness. What we can do is to be the best version of ourselves. Here on thing blog, you will learn the key to loving yourself.

Self Acceptance: Simple answer but doesn't mean it's easy.

Do we ever wonder why being yourself is sometimes harder than trying to be someone else? We always craving for someone else acceptance and yet ignored our own need.

Comparison: Let go of comparing ourselves to others. Imagine that you are comparing yourself to someone who you may think is better than us at something. But you got to know that they are not better than you and we are not better than them. You and them got your own unique differences. Comparing yourself to one another is invalid because you both are different to began with.

Self-love is not something that we are born with. Its something that we can put into practice.

Lack of knowing your self-worth: We often focusing on what we don’t have and forgot what we do have. Avoid people-pleasing and don’t try to explain yourself. Their no point in explaining yourself and the right person who care about you will spend their time and understand you. Because not everyone has to like you. Letting go of want acceptance from others will improve your positive thinking and also increase your self-worth. You are who you think you are and I want you to think that you are beautiful, strong, and loved.

You are gifted with one of a kind gift. Don't trade it for someone else's gift.

Grateful: You probably already know this “ You never know what you have until it's gone.” Have you ever recall a time when you are in deep sadness, angry, or depressed? And somehow you seem able to overcame that emotion? We tend to feel the emotion the way it is until the new greater emotion arrive. Than our old emotion somehow seem to not be as a big as we thought it were anymore. Imagine that you have a problem that made you feel a certain negative or positive way, but now you are facing new greater emotion. Now your old negative or positive emotion happen to fad away.

Embrace your negative emotion and your positive emotion.

Lack of Discipline: We can continue to read self-improvement books, listen to self-love video or get advice from someone. If you don’t put what you know into practice, you don’t get the result that you are looking for. You know what to do but do you do what you know? Remember that practice makes progress not perfect. No one is perfect.

"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." Thomas Jefferson.