Hello, everyone my name is Charlotte and welcome to Simplistic Kitchen. I am the creator for Simplistic Kitchen where I share with you my all-time favorite food. 

A little about me, I am a self-taught baker as well as a Nutrition student. They both probably doesn't sounded like they go together but those two decision is how I came to find the balance through food.  I have a wholesome meal for dinner and finish it off with delicious dessert. 


Why vegan recipe?
I am vegan for over 2 years. I enjoy baking since when I was a little. 
A major change that happens when I went vegan is that I became more aware of the ingredients, ethical and sustainable responsibility that came along with it.
Talking about veganism can be a hot topic but I won't go in-depth detail. This blog is created for none- vegan and vegan folks.I want to share with you the vegan creation that is still delicious as none-vegan food. 


What to expect?
The recipe I shared has been tested, tasted, and approved before making to the list. I tried to minimize the process and artificial ingredients much as possible. Of course, some recipes might called for vegan ingredients such a cream cheese or vegan butter. But I also provided you the alternative ingredients to fit your lifestyle. 
You won't be seeing artificial food coloring, animal by-products, corn syrup, and MSG. 

Extra topic

Since nutrition and well-being lifestyle are also the topic that I passionate about, I  occasionally share topic on nutrition. 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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