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Hello, my name is Charlotte


I am currently a Nutrition & Dietetics student. I love creating recipes and modified them into a more wholesome and nutritious meal. I love sharing personal growth topics, as well as health and wellness.

I also run a small business of Simplistic, where I shared most favorite pastry in cruelty-free and sustainable approach. I hope you stick around on my page and help share my creation.

Simplistic's Blog


Simplistic's blog is where I'll be sharing health and wellness journeys as well as a simple and easy recipe.

Recipe Blog: I believed that good food should also taste food. I want to share to you some plant-based recipe by using natural and simple ingredient without any food color, artificial flavor, or any chemical. 

Health & Wellness: Health and nutrition can be a hard topic to discuss sometime. I believe that with the right mindset and the right tool, anyone can accomplish anything. I believe in practicing daily gratitude and personal development can increase our health as much as good nutrition does to our body

Simplistic Kitchen

Simplistic's goal is here to provide vegan baked good through out Minneapolis/ Saint.Paul.  I respect the earth and that's why I am making sure that I packed and sold in ways that are more Earth and animal-friendly. I am always making sure that this is a better more conscious business and I am looking forward to delivering it with first-class customer service, where everyone is a name - not a number.​